Institutionalization of CSO engagement in the Adaptation Fund    Completed

Project Lead: Lutz Weischer
Duration: 01 May 2017 to 31 Aug 2022

Description :

The Adaptation Fund (AF) is an important instrument that assists especially vulnerable population groups in coping with the adverse effects of climate change. The project aims to strengthen the international adaptation finance landscape through enhanced and sustainable civil society engagement in climate finance generally and more specifically in the AF. The established AF NGO Network shall serve as a permanent legitimate and transparent mechanism through which civil society can have a voice and contribute to improving the AF and its policies, programs and projects. The activities in this project thus focus on raising Southern CSOs awareness on their opportunities to engage in the AF, creating a solid governance structure as well as a strategy to obtain financial sustainability. South-South learning effects are intensified through consolidated regional hubs which ensures effective communication with the broader CSO community, empowering their active engagement in the Network.