From NDCs to Pathways and Policies: Transformative Climate Action after Paris    On-going

Project Lead: Marta Torres Gunfaus
Duration: 01 Sep 2018 to 31 Dec 2022

Description :

The Parties to the Paris Agreement will submit more ambitious NDCs every five years from 2020 onwards to limit global warming to as little as 1.5°C. The project supports the implementation of the Paris Agreement and the SDGs in major emerging economies and on an international level. To this end, the project provides advice on the development of priority policies and low emission strategies that are compatible with the national development goals of the partner countries. Against this backdrop, the project supports the preparation of new NDCs by identifying national potentials, and the conditions for increased ambitions. Besides, the project promotes progress in the climate-friendly transformation of sectors, financial flows, and technologies, etc. The results of the project analyses are fed into UNFCCC processes and contribute to creating an international momentum for increasing the ambition of NDCs and for submitting long-term strategies.


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