SEED Kashmir    On-going

Project Lead: IKI
Duration: 01 Sep 2022 to 30 Jun 2025

Description :

The livelihood of the rural population in Jammu and Kashmir is particularly threatened by climate change due to the negative impact of varied rainfall patterns and more frequent extreme weather events on local agriculture in combination with unreliable energy supply. This leads to economic stress, poverty, and limited employment opportunities, in particular for the youth. SEED Kashmir aims to support the remote Himalayan community of Jabri in its transformation into an environmentally resilient and economically empowered community. This is to be achieved through community-based, decentralized energy supply as well as local value creation in agriculture. The inclusive bottom-up development plan, covering both green infrastructure as well as socio-economic structures, is tailored to the local resources, capacities, and needs. This ensures the sustainability of the project and enables the replication of its approach in other Himalayan communities.