Mobilizing the Co-Benefits of climate change mitigation through capacity building among public policy institutions [COBENEFITS]    Completed

Project Lead: Sebastian Helgenberger
Duration: 01 Mar 2017 to 30 Sep 2022

Description :

Successful climate policies depend heavily on the interest in the socio-economic, additional benefits climate protection can generate, including local value creation, jobs, health, water consumption, energy security and access to electricity. The project strengthens the ability of the partner countries’ stakeholders to advise ministries on these additional, socio-economic benefits. Together with national knowledge partners, the project therefore points out the additional benefits of national climate change mitigation strategies, with particular emphasis on renewable electricity production. Identified potential is linked to these mitigation strategies in the partner countries, enabling mutual learning between politics, science and multipliers with the ultimate aim of implementing the additional benefits. Communicating this approach also helps to push ahead with the effective implementation of the NDC and to realise planned increases in ambition.

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   COBENEFITS Policy Report


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