Strengthen national climate policy implementation: Comparative empirical learning & creating linkage to climate finance    On-going

Project Lead: David Rusnok
Duration: 01 Jul 2019 to 30 Jun 2023

Description :

As part of implementing nationally determined contributions (NDCs), governments face the challenge of supporting national climate policies and institutions with limited public funds while also reducing the barriers to investment faced by the private sector. This project supports NDC implementation in partner countries with research-based policy advice and capacity development. One central question here concerns the design of policy and financial instruments to ensure that they mobilise private- and public-sector investment. The contribution made by climate financing to support for robust institutional investment frameworks is also being investigated. Issues of national relevance are examined in annual, country-specific studies that focus on various NDC policy areas, which are also supplemented by a cross-sectional study. Workshops, publications and webinars are used to ensure that insights gained are transferred to the policymaking process.