Blue Solutions - Implementing the CBD Strategic Plan in the field of marine and coastal biodiversity Completed

Author Name: Elke Foerster
01 Jan 2013 to 30 Nov 2018

This global project is jointly implemented by GIZ, GRID-Arendal, IUCN and UN Environment and is dedicated to the conservation and sustainable use of marine biodiversity. The project identifies and dis...
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Values: Methods for integrating ecosystem services into policy, planning and practice Completed

Author Name: Bernd-Markus Liss
01 Jan 2013 to 28 Feb 2019

The project enables partner ministries and organisations to make effective use of the findings generated by biophysical or economic methods to identify and evaluate ecosystem services. They are thus b...
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Biodiversity Finance Initiative – BIOFIN Completed

Author Name: Onno Van Den Heuvel
01 Dec 2012 to 31 Dec 2018

A key issue within the implementation of the Convention for Biodiversity (CBD) is the lack of financial resources for the protection of biodiversity. Most states lack reliable information on what fund...
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Partnership for Market Readiness (PMR) On-going

Author Name: Jai Kumar Gaurav
30 Nov 2011 to 31 Dec 2030

Carbon markets are a cost-effective way to mitigate emissions of greenhouse gases. The Partnership for Market Implementation (PMI) aims to support partner countries in designing and implementing carbo...
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Global Climate Partnership Fund On-going

Author Name: Daniel Tuerkis
15 Dec 2009 to 31 Dec 2040

To limit global heating and therefore the impacts of climate change, investment is required in energy efficiency, renewables and measures that mitigate the emission of greenhouse gases. The Global Cli...
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