Financing Programme on Research Cooperation in Innovative Climate Technology    On-going

Project Lead: Frank Determann
Duration: 18 Sep 2013 to 31 Dec 2023

Description :

India is focusing on the expansion of renewable energies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from the energy sector. The project aims to intensify German-Indian research cooperation and disseminate knowledge about solar thermal electricity generation and concentrated photovoltaics (CPV). In cooperation with the R&D division of NTPC, India’s largest electricity producer, it is installing test and measurement equipment, calculation tools, a 64 kW CPV system and a thermal energy storage system for research purposes. Training courses are also made available for employees of the NTPC Energy Technology Research Alliance (NETRA) in cooperation with two German research institutions. Overall, the project strengthens applied research, the transfer of technology and the implementation of research results into specific measures – and it also creates highly qualified Indian jobs in climate technology research.