Decarbonising Transport in Emerging Economies    On-going

Project Lead: IKI
Duration: 01 Apr 2019 to 30 Sep 2024

Description :

The transport sector is accounts for a significant share of greenhouse gas emissions in emerging economies. Reducing GHG emissions in this sector will contribute significantly to reach the respective NDCs. Therefore, the project is developing an evaluation system for transport emissions that is tailored to the individual partner country. Besides that, the project is building resources and developing skills for the evaluation of transport policy strategies and the independent review of NDCs in partner countries. Building on this, the project will draft a plan for partner countries to mitigate GHG emissions from the transport sector. The project activities should enable partner countries to revise their NDCs independently in line with the five-year ambition mechanism defined in the Paris Agreement. Against the backdrop of climate mitigation goals, SDGs, and the New Urban Agenda, the project evaluates the feasibility of transport policies together with the Wuppertal Institute.