EcoLogistics: Low carbon freight for sustainable cities    Completed

Project Lead: Sunandan Tiwari
Duration: 01 Nov 2017 to 31 Dec 2022

Description :

Urban transport of goods and commodities is a significant source of greenhouse gases in Argentina, Colombia and India. Nevertheless, many cities hardly address this in their mitigation measures. The project supports environmentally friendly rules and practices that directly contribute to mitigating the impacts of climate change and to the achievement of ambitious NDCs in the partner countries. It creates greater awareness of the issue among local and national governments to this end, develops action plans and gives other cities an example of how to act. The project also strengthens institutional resources and competencies by involving all interest groups, making national policy recommendations and developing a self-monitoring instrument for the movement of goods and commodities. Demonstration projects from the project cities and collections of successful practical examples are intended to motivate national governments and to extend the project experience on a larger scale.


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Eco Logistics- Project Overview