Mitigation of Climate Change

IKI provides support to partner countries for developing and implementing innovative instruments for mitigating their greenhouse gas emissions. The ultimate goal is to transform economic and supply structures so that they are sustainable and carbon-neutral. At the level of political governance, nationally determined contributions (NDCs) and long-term strategies (LTS) are essential tools. The IKI also supports the development of systems for measurement, reporting and verification (MRV) of greenhouse gas emissions and mitigation activities. A large number of projects also pursue the goal of mobilising public and private capital for climate change mitigation. The mitigation funding area addresses policy consulting, capacity building and training measures, as well as cooperation on technologies.

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URBAN PATHWAYS: Supporting low-emission plans for basic urban services in the context of the New Urban Agenda On-going

Author Name: Oliver Lah
01 Oct 2017 to 30 Nov 2022

The project supports the implementation of the Paris Agreement and the NDCs within the framework of the New Urban Agenda (NUA) and the SDGs. It also supports national and local governments in key emer...
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Climate Partnership Programme III On-going

Author Name: Yvonne Veth
01 Jun 2017 to 30 Sep 2022

Private investment and climate-friendly technologies are crucial for building a climate-friendly economy in emerging and developing countries. Therefore, the Climate Partnership Programme mobilises th...
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Institutionalization of CSO engagement in the Adaptation Fund Completed

Author Name: Lutz Weischer
01 May 2017 to 31 Aug 2022

The Adaptation Fund (AF) is an important instrument that assists especially vulnerable population groups in coping with the adverse effects of climate change. The project aims to strengthen the intern...
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Mobilizing the Co-Benefits of climate change mitigation through capacity building among public policy institutions [COBENEFITS] Completed

Author Name: Sebastian Helgenberger
01 Mar 2017 to 30 Sep 2022

Successful climate policies depend heavily on the interest in the socio-economic, additional benefits climate protection can generate, including local value creation, jobs, health, water consumption, ...
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World Bank Group’s Pollution Management and Environmental Health (PMEH) Multi-Donor Trust Fund Completed

Author Name: Jostein Nygard
01 Jan 2017 to 31 Dec 2020

The World Bank's Pollution Management and Environmental Health (PMEH) Program aims to reduce the impact of air, land and water pollution on human health and the environment in target countries and cit...
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Supporting the Nitric Acid Climate Action Group (NACAG) Completed

Author Name: Kundan Burnwal
01 Nov 2016 to 30 Sep 2021

The project aims to support countries participating in the NACAG Initiative by means of a technical advisory and support unit (TBU) for planning and implementing specific measures for a sustainable re...
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Tracking and Strengthening Climate Action (TASCA) Completed

Author Name: Kelly Levin
01 Nov 2016 to 31 May 2021

Building upon the 'Measurement and Performance Tracking Project' (MAPT), this project focuses on providing governments with tools and resources to track the implementation and effects of their NDCs an...
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Climate Protection in the Industrial Sector through Solar Process Heat – SOLARPAYBACK Completed

Author Name: Johannes Michel
01 Oct 2016 to 30 Jun 2021

Solar thermal systems provide process heat for industrial processes, possessing the potential to reduce the carbon footprint of textile, food, beverage, and chemical industries. The project aims at in...
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Institutionalisation of Capacities on Climate Change Studies and Action (ICCC; formerly NICCSA) On-going

Author Name: Dwivedi Shailendra
01 Jan 2016 to 31 Jan 2023

The Indian Ministry of Environment, Forests and Climate Change (MoEFCC) is planning to establish a National Institute for Climate Change Studies and Action (NICCSA) to improve climate change cooperati...
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Gender into Urban Climate Change Initiative (GUCCI) Completed

Author Name: Gotelind Alber
01 Nov 2015 to 31 Oct 2018

GenderCC works with a consortium of experienced organizations in India, Indonesia and South Africa to integrate social and gender issues into urban climate policy. Activities include capacity building...
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